About Us

Diva Apartments is a brand that came to life in 2014, though its origin goes back to 2008.

The founding member’s main activity was and still is, buying properties mainly in the old town of Lisbon for renovation, architecture and interior design to be sold afterwards. At the time, they had the idea of renting in short-term rental some of the owned properties situated in a charming historical building, right in the heart of Lisbon’s historical and most central neighborhood – Baixa Pombalina.

Providing guests with unique, clean, spacious and excellently located vacation rentals, with refined taste in the quality and design, and combining it with a professional but friendly and authentic hosting, got the attention of neighbors and other property owners and also from clients that had renovated apartments by them, and soon wanted and started to work together.

Today, Diva Apartments, a part of Space Creation, Ltd, is an established brand and, provides the same quality, personal service and comfort experience, offering up to 20 excellence apartments ranging from 2 up until 9 guests, in some of the finest Lisbon´s neighborhoods, such as Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto, Santos, Almirante Reis, and also in the Algarve.

Stay in one of our Diva Apartments for an unforgettable experience.