Our Services

A tailor made tour or a simple transfer, a personalized welcoming package or a yoga class, are some simple details that will make your holiday special.

We will be delighted to help you with this and other things you may need, and that will help you make the best of your holiday.

service description

As a standard, we will provide you with some basic amenities just to get you started, but if it is your desire, we can throw in a couple more things.

  • Need and extra cleaning? No big deal, just ask us.
  • Romantic holiday? We can help you celebrate your love with some sparkling wine or a bubble bath.
  • Want to relax? We can get you to a yoga class.
  • Want to work out? We can get you a personal trainer.
  • Wine lover? We can create a small package of Portuguese wines from different kinds and from different regions, or recommend you a place for a tasting.
  • Want discovering the 7 hills and viewing points of Lisbon? We can arrange an electro-tuk-tuk tour or walking tour.
  • Want to go on a river boat tour e Dolphin watching?

For any specific requests please don’t hesitate and contact us.

Note that: Linens; Towels; Toilet Paper, Soap, Water, Coffee will be provided as basic amenities for all the apartments.